Please Note: Due to very high interest, we already have coverage in most areas with few vacancies. You can see if we need coverage in your area by entering your zip code on the inquiry page. Thank you.

Become a Decoy

What's it all about?

We provide various promotion tracking and marketing intelligence services for major national firms. They are interested in a number of things, such as the delivery date and condition of their advertising mail. From time to time, some sample merchandise to check on delivery of customer orders. We also protect their mailing lists against mis-use. In other cases, we track what other companies are doing in the way of advertising in the mail. These are essential services, many of which are also in the public interest.

What's involved?

All you have to do is mark the date received on each special piece as it comes in, enter it on our Web site, and save the mailings for a period of time. We may occasionally ask that you send us specific items.

What do you get?

Participants are credited for each valid item accurately reported.  Any mailing costs are reimbursed or, we may make use of UPS call tags, etc.

There may be extra potential opportunities. From time to time some participants get to keep test shipments of merchandise, or get free copies of magazines.

Honestly, you won't get rich as a decoy agent, but many people are delighted to get some extra spending money doing something that's fun with hardly any effort. (We cannot promise any particular amount as this depends on clients' needs for your location and a number of other variables.)

What to do next?

If you are interested in being considered, please fill out and submit the Agent Application Request Form.

Be sure to include your name, phone number, country and city.  We will contact you if there is an immediate need for coverage in your area.