Tracking Services

Our mail delivery tracking service is the most advanced in the industry. The program offers more decoy locations than any other competitive service -- thousands in the US and Canada! Complete reporting and short term storage of mail samples is also included.

US Mail Tracking

Key Benefits

Applications & Features

Customized to Your Mailing Situation:

We help you chose the monitoring location configuration that best meets your needs, considering volume, distribution, proper coverage of BMC's, ASF's and major SCF's. Also tuned to consider your mailing methods -- direct, drop ship, etc. With thousands of locations, we can precision-fit to virtually any need.

Adaptable to Fulfillment Applications:

Keep track of how long it takes to fulfill from your shipment point to various areas of the country using a variety of carriers. Maintain a constant Q/C on your shipping.


Hauser's new service combines the exactness of the Hauser seed data with the scans from the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). Hauser now offers a way to trace a mailing piece's delivery through the entire process. By placing the USPS IMB on the mail pieces, the mailer will know the first and last scan of all mailing pieces that were coded. This provides a large sample of data that will give the mailer information on the processing of the mail. By including seeds with the IMB codes, the mailer will get to have the additional piece of mind that these pieces were delivered to the doorstep. Hauser charges $1.20 per 1000 records scanned and the normal decoy seed price per piece, making this an inexpensive combined solution. Sample report is listed below with the following link

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For information contact Hauser at 516-281-2439 or

International Mail Tracking

We have many international locations, with one or more in each of the following countries

Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas
Belgium Bermuda Brazil Canada(30)
Columbia Egypt England France
Germany Greece Hong Kong India
Ireland Italy Japan Korea
Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Russia Saudi Arabia Scotland
Singapore South Africa Spain Switzerland
Taiwan Thailand Venezuela  

Coverage is always expanding to include more of the global village, so be sure to inquire if the market of interest is not shown here.

Online Request Tracking

Hauser gives online retailers the ability to track the delivery of online informational requests by placing inquiries for information packages, catalogs, brochures and other printed mailed media. Clients can track on a daily basis how long it takes for their requested material to arrive in their prospective customer?s hands. Reports are generated in a friendly online format and frequency and volume is dependent upon daily demand.

Key Benefits

EMail Tracking

Hauser has the ability to track the delivery of e-mail campaigns as they hit recipient`s inboxes. By tracking e-mail delivery into the top 100 domain names on the internet, an e-tailer has the ability to determine which domain names and ISP providers are not receiving their e-mails promptly or at all. This service also helps e-tailers determine that their message are being received and that their copy and fonts are being accepted the same across the board.