Presence Program

Our "Presence Program" offers a nationwide coverage of final distribution post offices to check up on arrival of your mailing. A carefully structured selection of post offices (DDU's) is contacted over specific time frames to determine when your mail arrives at this pre-delivery stage.

The Presence Program is an excellent adjunct to our Sameday system as well as an alternative method of tracking where physical decoy tracking is impractical. It can also have a positive impact on actual mail delivery as the very process demonstrates interest and concern to those who are delivering your mail.

Key Benefits

Intelligent Mail

Hauser now offers state of the IMB tracking. The mailer will provide Hauser with the file of addresses to mail. Some mailers will place barcodes on all pieces mailed and some might do a nth selection. Hauser will populate the file with barcode information and store the barcodes in their system. Hauser returns the file to the mailer with the barcodes appended. As the barcodes are scanned, full detailed reporting will show the progress of the mail across the country as it penetrates through each BMC and SCF. Mapping reports will show the delivery by region and it's relation to the in home target. Reports will show the percentages scanned and average time of delivery. The cost is just $1.20 per 1000 records scanned.

Please inquire about this service with Dave Hauser (516-281-2439) or