List Rental Security

Your customer list is your most valuable asset. Our list security service is designed to help to protect that asset effectively while still at low cost.

Key Benefits

How it Works

1. Your list rental fulfillment service "seeds" each outgoing list order tape and transmittal with our decoy names. We work with all of the major services to set this up for you. (The names are automatically modified for each list order so there are uniquely identifiable.)

2. You provide us with simple list order data including the list description, the mailer and the expected mailing dates. (Copies of existing list orders will suffice.

3. The list order information is entered into our system where it is matched to the mailing pieces as they arrive at our decoy locations and are forwarded to HLS headquarters.

4. Complete reports are issued monthly. However, if we detect any misuse (mailing other than expected or outside the time frame) or unauthorized re-use (second mailing), we let you know as soon as possible.

Database Security

This service allows list owners to ship their database or parts of their database to third parties without the threat of list piracy. Hauser provides a group of names relevant to the size of the database that will reside on the client's mail list. Each time the list owner releases their database of names to a 3rd party, Hauser names will appear on the list and 3rd party usage will be reported back to Hauser. In some cases, these decoy addresses should never receive any mail, or the list owner will have knowledge of which mailers are using the list indirectly through the 3rd party.

Key Benefits

Email Security

Hauser provides e-mail security for list owners that are renting out their e-mails names to 3rd parties for one time usage. Hauser creates unique e-mail addresses that are attached to decoy names and physical addresses. Hauser provides reports on list usage to the client via online data.

Key Benefits